Giants of Gaia

Redwood forests of Rotorua, New Zealand


The Indra Net ~ Fire and Fractals

Fire, smoke, trees, clouds, the moon, everything is made of fractals. From ancient shamans who painted their visions on cave walls, to master architects of the mosque of C√≥rdoba, to Mandelbrot and his computer simulations, we have¬†always been aware of this underlying order in some way or the other. One divides in to two ones, […]

The Devil in the Details

Hello folks, So, finally got to play with my new toy – Nikon D3100. Day 1: Study in Textures with my good friend and professional photo/videographer/musician/producer Bronz. We headed for Cornwall Park, on a crispy Auckland spring morning and took some snaps. Day 2: The Devil in The Details in my studio/room. Playing with offset, […]