Beach Day I ~ Astro Macro Micro

The Southern summer is here. The beach was the place to be on the weekend. Armed with the camera, I set out to zoom in on alien worlds on the rugged cliffs facing the mighty Rangitoto. I swear I didn’t plan on this but, just after uploading these images, I couldn’t help but see Venus, Earth, Mars […]

Psychedelic Ponsonby I

Rain stopped around 3pm. Perfect time to catch that Golden Hour. I hopped on my car and headed down to Ponsonby Road. I wanted to start at the top and walk down to Richmond road ~ probably one of my favorite places for a quiet walk, and capture anything that jumps out at the lens. […]

The Devil in the Details

Hello folks, So, finally got to play with my new toy – Nikon D3100. Day 1: Study in Textures with my good friend and professional photo/videographer/musician/producer Bronz. We headed for Cornwall Park, on a crispy Auckland spring morning and took some snaps. Day 2: The Devil in The Details in my studio/room. Playing with offset, […]