Geometry is One

The Universe works in patterns. Chaotic and irregular on the surface, but as you move closer or further, depending on the subject, an underlying order emerges. Geometrical shapes, repeating patterns fascinate me as a photography student. They occur naturally, and we design them. Our mind somehow seem to be designed to capture geometry in nature. […]

Conversations Above

The world above our line of sight fascinates me. The urban landscape is full of conversations between the old and the new, textures and reflections, straight lines and curves, while¬†repetitive¬†patterns interrupted by strange irregular shapes. A quick capture of abstract patterns in a bleak Saturday afternoon. Add me on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and […]

The Devil in the Details

Hello folks, So, finally got to play with my new toy – Nikon D3100. Day 1: Study in Textures with my good friend and professional photo/videographer/musician/producer Bronz. We headed for Cornwall Park, on a crispy Auckland spring morning and took some snaps. Day 2: The Devil in The Details in my studio/room. Playing with offset, […]