Earth 2.0 – Beach Day II

Let’s assume we get through our 21 century adolescence and make it to the next century. How should we model the next stage of our existence? Futurists often look to what had worked already – Nature.

Our dwelling places have not evolved since the Stone Age. We simply live on glorified, artificial caves that ‘protect’ us from what we are culturally conditioned to view as a malignant Nature that is out to beat us down with elemental forces. This biblical narrative of human beings having dominion over an inanimate, stupid and senseless Nature runs well in to the age of interplanetary travel.

What if our dwelling places were a part of Nature? Rather than constantly striving against hostile natural elements, why not realize that we – intelligent, mobile creatures of organic chemistry, are a part of that Nature and harmonize with it?


Technology should seek to mimic Nature more and more, if we are planning to advance in to the 22nd century. Most of today’s technology is not applied to solve problems. They are invested instead to create artificial scarcity which leads to the creation of profit, in military industrial complex where they are forever re-inventing ways to murder human beings, or in pharmaceutical conglomerates where more profit is created.

If technology is applied without prejudice to solve everyday problems, we won’t need industrialized agriculture, standing armies, pill-popping sedation that they call modern Western medicine, politics and religion and above all, the monetary-based economic system we have today.



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