Beach Day I ~ Astro Macro Micro

The Southern summer is here. The beach was the place to be on the weekend. Armed with the camera, I set out to zoom in on alien worlds on the rugged cliffs facing the mighty Rangitoto.

I swear I didn’t plan on this but, just after uploading these images, I couldn’t help but see Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter. May be it’s me. I always had my head in the clouds or in outer space, and it was no coincidence that I was somehow drawn to those rock surfaces at the beach, and with a little manipulation of Levels, toning, shadows and highlights with a little color balancing, I am seeing a planetary resemblance. Still though.

As above, so below, the old Hermetic adage comes to mind. St Heliers beach, Mars and the Milky Way is made of the same things. And more importantly with the same laws of physics. My brain is made of the same material – I hope, and perhaps it is no coincidence after all.

Darker shades. more patterns. And more.

Our world is made of curious shapes, colors, and materials. A gorgeous day out at the beach gives us another opportunity get close to our world, and admire the mind-numbing richness and diversity. Again, St Heliers, Mars and the Milky Way, and everything as a matter of face, is made of the same things, in the same way. Everything is one. Everything is many. Everything is one and many at the same time.

Too Upanishadic for a photography blog, I know. See you at the beach next weekend!


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