Psychedelic Ponsonby I

Rain stopped around 3pm. Perfect time to catch that Golden Hour. I hopped on my car and headed down to Ponsonby Road. I wanted to start at the top and walk down to Richmond road ~ probably one of my favorite places for a quiet walk, and capture anything that jumps out at the lens.


As always, following lines, patterns and curves helps me warm up visually. Often it’s a struggle to get inspired especially after a long week. Geometry helps me connect.

jlcpons1jlcpons3jlcpons17 jlcpons26

The lines of saturated colors and repetitive shapes pointing towards infinity.


Old Memories 

The old heritage building greets solemnly, reminding us of the presence of the old world. In those days, people used to write to one another. How bizarre. jlcpons2 jlcpons28

Then there is this. Forgotten and left behind. Who is Evita?

jlcpons9 jlcpons11jlcpons10

Wisdom gems along the way.


With some unexpected events.


An elf perhaps.


Bumped in to this old timer. Reminded me of “Born Free” and Elsa.jlcpons25

I decided to name it, “Stairway to Heaven”.


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