Eternity in the Moment – Part I

Some thoughts behind my photography projects from a very eventful 2016. Seeing the world as it is, reveals intriguing detail and insight.


Earth 2.0 – Beach Day II

Let’s assume we get through our 21 century adolescence and make it to the next century. How should we model the next stage of our existence? Futurists often look to what had worked already – Nature. Our dwelling places have not evolved since the Stone Age. We simply live on glorified, artificial caves that ‘protect’ us […]

Beach Day I ~ Astro Macro Micro

The Southern summer is here. The beach was the place to be on the weekend. Armed with the camera, I set out to zoom in on alien worlds on the rugged cliffs facing the mighty Rangitoto. I swear I didn’t plan on this but, just after uploading these images, I couldn’t help but see Venus, Earth, Mars […]

The Indra Net ~ Fire and Fractals

Fire, smoke, trees, clouds, the moon, everything is made of fractals. From ancient shamans who painted their visions on cave walls, to master architects of the mosque of Córdoba, to Mandelbrot and his computer simulations, we have always been aware of this underlying order in some way or the other. One divides in to two ones, […]

Psychedelic Ponsonby I

Rain stopped around 3pm. Perfect time to catch that Golden Hour. I hopped on my car and headed down to Ponsonby Road. I wanted to start at the top and walk down to Richmond road ~ probably one of my favorite places for a quiet walk, and capture anything that jumps out at the lens. […]